What Is 

Regen Biotech, Inc?

The manufacturer Regen Biotech was established in 2000 and has been conducting national projects with government agencies such as the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy and the Ministry of Health and Welfare of South Korea.

It’s a bio venture company that has commercialized products jointly developed with KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) and leading domestic research institutes.

Regen Biotech is the first in the world to produce and sell PDLLA-made facial and body (buttocks and micropenis) fillers all over the world.

Our Brand

The brand AestheFill® is a compound word of Aesthetic and Dermal Filler, meaning filler with an artistic. sense.  While general fillers focus on volume and anti-aging, AestheFill® goes one step further and creates natural volume to find the optimal point for the patient's face.

PowerFill® is a filler for the body made of next-generation material approved by the FDA. Instead of simply focusing on creating volume, PowerFill® provides a natural volume with a semi-permanent volume cycle. It is a filler that acts as a driving force to help patients lead a confident life.




02 Obtained CE approval

07 Completed registration in Chile for AestheFill and PowerFill

09 Obtained approval in Georgia


02 Obtained Korea Design Patent

10 AestheFill Taiwan Launch

12 Obtained AestheFill ANVISA approval in Brazil


03 Obtained Russia Trademark


05 Obtained Swiss, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Netherland, Spain, Italy, Turkey Patent: Biodegradable polymeric microparticles and their preparation method

12 Obtained Russia Trademark


03 For AestheFill and PowerFill, Thai FDA 

distribution permit in Thailand obtained

03 Nico-N Clinical Test applied to KFDA

11 Obtained China Trademark


07 ISO 13485 Certification obtained


04 For AestheFill & PowerFill, KFDA manufacture license obtained

06 AestheFill Exclusive Distribution Contracts with partners in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Vietnam and Russia.

09 AestheFill Exclusive Distribution Contracts with Senochem Biotech in China


12 For AestheFill & PowerFill, KFDA manufacture 

license applied


09 Clinical Tests on AestheFill Completed at Asan Medical Center and Chung-ang Univeristy Hospital in Seoul

10 Clinical Tests on PowerFill Completed at Korea University Guro Hospital and Hallym University Medical Center in Seoul


01 Commercialized Birdie Shot, an Nico-N functional beverage to release hang-over, and an Nico-N candy

05 Completed Pre-clinical trials on MPLF for dermal tissues


06 Marketed  ATONATURAL, a Moisturizer for Perfect Atopy Therapy

07 Developed 100%  Atopy Natural Bioserum, BioCellulose Sheet Pack and Atopy Nutritional Supplement


08 The Third Phase of Original Technology Development Business in progress (R&D of Customized Porous Particles): Biocompatible, Biodegradable, Cell- attractable for Tissue Engineering & Regeneration, Sept. 2003 to Mar. 2011

11 Validity of our medical device certified by KGMP (Certification renewed)


07 Selected as the Medium-sized Venture of Technology Innovation by INNOBIZ


01 Negotiated with Japan, Thailand, Brazil, and India for export contracts and license sharing agreements on PowerPol


11 Validity of our medical device certified by Korea Good Manufacturing Practice (KGMP)


03 PowerPol approved by KFDA


09 REGEN project selected  as the New Technology for Next Generation of the Ministry of Industry and Resources


07 REGEN project selected as the Venture of INNOBIZ by SMBA; Selected as the Co-Development of Core Technology Program of  the former Ministry of Industry and Resources (current Ministry of Knowledge Economy)

10 The Best Venture Enterprise Award be conferred by the Special Committee on Medium Enterprises